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I’ve had a few questions in terms of training and what gets invested in terms of things from  a physical level. I’ve always tried to maintain a decent level of fitness so based on my existing foundation of commitment and health, I began ramping up the training back in late September 2013. I promised myself long ago when I discovered running, that I always wanted to be able to run 10km without an exhausting effort. What was a casual workout schedule with no formal program attached to it, has since become 6 days on, 1 day off with the following format:

Monday – Cardio Mix – Row, Bike, Elliptical

Tuesday – Cardio – Swimming 1000-2000m

Wednesday – Strength Training @ Connected Health aka ‘Thrash Day’

Thursday – Cardio – Swimming 1000-2000m

Friday – Strength Training

Saturday – Interval Row 10-12km

Sunday – Rest Day

With any fitness regiment comes diet changes. Although I have not gotten ridiculous with my consumption nor my choices, it is about portion and timing. I’ve gotten to know my metabolic capacity and how to use it to my advantage such that I can fuel myself readily and still lace in the odd treat. It has truly become more about portioning out things into smaller meals, single servings vs doubles and triples at any one meal time. Further to this, eating more proteins soon after heavy workouts, and a decent amount of carbs and veggies to balance out the overall diet. Rather than reaching for a mixed berry pie which I could eat on any given day, its now hummus with tortillas; or salted meats and some cheese which provides a lot more balance, salts and natural fats.

I have never been a fan of fad diets or fad gimmick equipment. Nothing is achieved without hard work and that means pushing oneself to the boundaries of physical comfort, and sweating it out. Like a car, push it harder and it will consume more. Your body is no different. Train it to burn more and provided your consumption does not exceed what you burn, your body will adapt and adjust which usually means shedding a said level of fat and adding a varying level of muscle.

At my peak running form I hovered around the 185lb mark. At the inception of this project I was closer to 195lb and have since gotten to 200lbs. The added weight has come in the form of muscle and where I need it most, in my back and legs. Initially it felt discouraging to actually be getting heavier, but when tested I realized I was stronger and knowing how much is burned when rowing, the extra mass is welcome.


  1. Cindy says:

    Go John! Where do you swim Tuesdays and what time maybe I can come join you not for the 40-80 laps thou lol …..great job !

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