The Paint Scheme

Posted: March 4, 2014 by jcarinha in Uncategorized

Late last week the expedition reached a milestone that was months in the making. All the prep work, sanding, finishing, trimming etc culminated into a two day process that saw the boat finally get painted and clear coated. Picking it up last week, I had mixed emotions. You have a visual of what it was and what you hope it to be. Seeing it for the first time, I was lost for words. Dave and his crew at Arrowtech exceeded expectations and produced a glass like product with very clean lines.

Performance trumps appearance, but appearance is the window dressing and creates the ‘pop’ that will garner the boat some curious looks and likely ignite conversations that will bring opportunities to spread the expeditions purposeful message. The paint scheme I designed played well with the boats name, Ocean’s Soul. The majority of the vessel is painted in a brilliant yellow save for some areas with personal messages, characters and/or lines and masks that sustain its natural wood grain look aka its ‘soul’.

The yellow to wood transition comprises of a puzzle piece effect which ties nicely to the autism symbolism it represents.



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