It begins …

Posted: May 24, 2014 by ivyvuu in Uncategorized

Just after 8am this morning marks the official beginning of Row 4 Autism – John set off from English Bay amidst cheers, tears, hugs, smiles, love and hope.

There were many helping hands to get the boat packed and ready.  A seasoned outdoorsman, John hardly needs any help packing his kayak.  But each person, little and big, young and old, all wanted to carry something, and help with the beginning of the journey.






When did this journey begin, though, anyway?  What was John’s first glimpse of this dream?

There are possibly many beginnings to this journey, and if anything, we were reminded today to seize the opportunity we have each day to be our best selves.

To quote one of John’s favourite musicians, Jon Bon Jovi (don’t judge, John grew up in the 80’s),  “don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time— you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.” 


More photos of the launch later today!




  1. Jacquie Bye says:

    We’re all with you John! Safe travels along your journey! Thank you! From Team Jordan

  2. cindy4autism says:

    Great job Ivy so well said! Thank you to all who made it out a great send off for John! He is doing well the winds and currents are in his favor today another couple hours he should reach his first designation Robert’s Creek!

  3. Jaime Ruela says:

    John, God and we are all with you!
    (machine translated)

  4. Cristina Reis says:

    Força João!!!

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