Rowing Day 1 and 2

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Day 1 – English Bay to Roberts Creek


The first day of rowing was filled with elation as John travelled out 34km from English Bay to Roberts Creek. With a couple of friends’ cabins close-by, he was able to use a flush toilet for the first night – a luxury that won’t likely be enjoyed very frequently on this trip. For those of you who may be thinking, “wait a second…there was cabin? I thought he would be roughing it” I challenge you row 1100km and not take the opportunity to warm up a little!



The water was good – slight chop and swell, a slight irritation while he is trying to get into a rhythm for the most efficient row strokes.

His left leg is bothering him a bit below the knee – possibly some growing pains of the flexibility and endurance he is building day by day on this trek.

He overestimated the distance to this first stop, so he was hoping for some major mileage on Day 2.

Mother nature, however, had a few different ideas…



Day 2 – Roberts Creek to Sargeant Bay

The water was like glass in the morning, but that did not last long. Whitecaps and southeasterly winds of 15 to 25 knots brought frustration as much as water into the cockpit.

John tried to stay calm while he rowed and pumped water out at the same time.

With a chart misplaced, unexpected weather, and some rational decision-making, John made the call to head in sooner than expected.

He pulled into Sargeant Bay, and met a handful of locals that brought up his spirits, but also brought the sober realization of how many people are hoping, expecting, and anticipating John’s successes and challenges in Row 4 Autism.




Much like the waves of the ocean, John’s self-doubt teeters in the wind as much as his confidence. There’s times when he has a calm belief in himself, much like the flat, silent water this morning. Then there are moments where the doubt creeps in like the relentless whitecaps of the unpredictable seas. And in the quiet moments when camp is set up, “emotions are alive,” he says, “especially when thinking of home.”

Many thanks to the locals who were today’s cheerleaders – it was oddly hard for John to see you off as you left his campsite tonight.

Cliff – tHUGE thanks for bringing John home-made crab quiche and cookies. You are amazing!


A little smoke from the fire to warm up the eyeballs…

Pam and Dave – thank you for your donation, and believing in the cause! What a small world that you used to live a few blocks away from John and Yvonne.


Pam, Dave and Cliff

And to every other single person in the Sargeant Bay area that lent a hand, gave a high five, and are supporting Row 4 Autism – we salute you!



  1. Pam Mcintyre says:

    We wish you a safe journey, John. May you have sunny skies and calm seas on your incredible journey! Dave and Pam

    Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 04:17:47 +0000 To:

  2. Tara says:

    Hoping your rough weathered start earns you some beautiful weather soon!!

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