Day 3 – Sunshine Coast to Texada Island

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Day 3 brought rough and strong southeast winds in the morning.  John made the call to start the day later and had breakfast with a new friend – Erik, who is the same age as Papa Carinha (John’s dad, Carlos)



John and Erik


Thank you Erik for your hospitality and kindness!

As mentioned, much love came from this part of the coast – in the morning, before John headed out for breakfast, a kind stranger had left a home-made bagel and thermos of coffee near his tent, on a bench.  



Thank you stranger, for your random act of kindness!


When John finally set out, he hit a squall half way to Texada and had wind coming from 3 different directions!  With the GPS and mapping not working at optimal levels, it was a frustrating few hours.  

But, he finally made it over to Texada.



From Texada Island



East side of Texada Island


Though it’s early days on this trip, aches and pains are creeping in, not to mention blisters, and the exhausting tasks all completed in solitude.


John’s left hand


John’s right hand



Using logs to roll the kayak to high ground every evening.


To finish up Day 3, John cooked up dinner, and hunkered down.





John’s tent sheltered under the trees

  1. Erik thank you so much for watching out for Papa Carinha’s boy! ❤

  2. Christine says:

    Chorizo for dinner? Love the updates!

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