Day 6 – Savary Island to Quadra Island

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Day 6 – Savary Island to Quadra Island 44km

John woke early to beat the wind – he wishes Environment Canada stopped with all the midnight promises. Unless somebody over there has anything to do with Cinderella, then midnight is negligible as nothing posted has held true to time. ‘Winds light in the morning’ is a general phrase that he has learned uses “morning” as a loose term.

He was on the water by 6:30am and once past the leeward protection of Savary he met a stiff northwesterly that beat him for 2 hours and almost had him turn back. He cursed Mother Nature aloud, because she can probably hear him, right?

He prayed for all those gone before him to collectively knock on the wind gods’ door and ask for a reprieve. Soon after navigating on the lee side of a small island which serves as a bird sanctuary, he noted the water flattening and it was sustained and even felt calmer once he reached the east side of Georgia Strait.

There were many fishing boats off of Cape Mudge…some shouted out words of encouragement, others glanced and carried on with the task of seeking out a tyee. Still others chose to come in for a closer look.

From John: To the guy in the small whaler, next time you get curious, try slowing down first and approach from a distance perhaps more than 20 yards. For the record that wasn’t a thumbs up John was giving you – in hindsight he was tired and cranky…and didn’t need more wake-generated waves to contend with 🙂




John got to April Point Resort for a much needed lunch and was surprised to find out his sister had called in advance and booked a massage!  Thanks Cindy!



He was greeted at reception by a lady who works/worked as a school Educational Assistant (EA).  People like her work in schools to support children like Brandon who need more focused attention for the best learning outcomes. She was so keen on supporting this that she had the company’s marketing director call John to spread the word on their social media sites and throughout the resort; tonight’s dinner was also on them!   Thank you April Point Resort!  Once again John is ending the day feeling humbled by the generosity of people, and how Row 4 Autism is being received!



Below: John says he is stretching on the water here.  We shall call this the “one eyed upward dog.”




Below: hands are on the mend:




Checkers!  If you know John, you know he loves projects.  He is already plotting how to create this giant checkers board that he knows Brandon and the kids will love!



Recycle and reduce: All outdoors people know that it’s imperative to get rid of excess weight when you can.  John is letting go of this magazine.  A true sacrifice.





Tomorrow brings John into Discovery passage, Seymour Narrows and into Johnstone Strait.  It will be critical to wake up early to get on the water before northerly winds associated with high pressure systems become a factor.  The forecast is 25 to 30 knot winds in the afternoons for the next three days – rendering any rowing virtually impossible.  John’s plan is to start early every day and get finished as soon as possible.

Below: Seymour Narrows in the distance.




  1. Bill Steele says:

    Seymour narrows – don’t’ look backwards – have fun!!!!!!

  2. Americo says:

    Blisters on your hands is a sign of determination to build a better world. Where there is a will there is a way. Keep up with the good work John. Americo and Maria

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