Day 5 – Texada Island to Savary Island

Posted: May 30, 2014 by ivyvuu in Uncategorized

Day 5 -Texada Island to Savary Island 24km


John waited out winds again and had a later start this morning. The whole trip, he was heading straight into northwest winds and it was a bumpy ride. John has vacationed on Savary with friends and family before, but this visit was a little different. The South shore is a mine field of rocks and he arrived at low-tide.


He picked a spot just west of Duck Bay, and though he expected solitude, he found a couple from calgary who keep a summer place on Savary.  They were kind enough to help him pull the boat to high ground – thank you Jim and Trish!


He took a bath in the ocean, and set up camp to get some shade from the hot sun, and prepped a fire for dinner. An old car tank helped block the wind.



Below: making the most of the sunlight to charge up needed items.



Few places have the peacefulness and sandy beaches of Savary – it’s a gem hidden in the Salish sea.



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