The Boat

The boat is an Angus Rowboats design, adeptly named the Expedition. Simply termed a rowboat, or rowing scull, it resembles an expedition style kayak, but one that you row, not paddle. It is constructed of Okoume marine grade plywood. The side panels and decks are 1/8″ thick and the bulkheads and bottom panels are 1/4″ thick. The entire boat was built from approx six full 4ft by 8ft sheets using stitch and glue build methods.


The panels are drilled every few inches and attached together with thin steel wire acting as a stitch. The rough shape is held together this way and then the entire hull is adjusted to ensure assyemtric lines. At this point the seams are injected with a thickened epoxy which once dry, sustains the hulls permanent shape.



All seams are glassed with fibreglass tape, and the entire outside surface, sides, bottom and decks are glassed over with fibreglass cloth.



Seaworthiness is provided through five watertight chambers. Due to the hull’s shape and breadth, the boat is very difficult to capsize, but in the event that it does it can be righted quickly, and all water drains from the cockpit as it returns upright due to the slanted cockpit side panels.

The boats design was created by Angus Rowboats ( from whom I bought the initial plans. Colin and Julie Angus, the founders of Angus Rowboats, have an extensive resume of human powered travels ( Colin has been instrumental in providing both support for the build and logistics for the expedition.

Boat Specs:

  • Length Overall: 5.49 m (18′)
  • Weight: 38.5 kg (85 lbs)
  • Waterline Length: 545 cm (17′ 10″)
  • Width: 89 cm (35″)
  • Watertight compartments: 4 (5 if forward bulkhead is closed off)
  • Sprint speed: 12-13 km/hr (7 knots)
  • Cruise Speed: 7-8 km/hr (4 knots)
  • Maximum recommended touring load: 270 kg (600 lbs)
  • Maximum recommended short distance load: 400 kg (880 lbs)

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